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4981. Susie on bridge in Tolchester, 1912 June 10

4982. Susie on path to [Quinmark?], 1912 June 23

4983. Table Delicacies

4984. Take a Kodak with you

4985. Take along a Brownie

4986. That Dixie dip rag; Rag two step

4987. That Kentucky rag; A winning miss; The sunny side of Broadway

4988. That chiming rag

4989. That entertaining rag

4990. That old girl of mine

4991. That rag-time regimental band

4992. That rooster's walking rag

4993. The Ayer Idea In Advertising

4994. The Curtis Publishing Company

4995. The Final Touch

4996. The Kodak Scouts

4997. The Premo Junior Camera No. 1

4998. The band played Nearer my God to thee as the ship went down

5000. The girl that I had in mind; Freckles