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2401. Medical instruments in leather pocket case, 19th century

2402. Meerschaum pipe, 19th century

2403. Petit style tourniquet, 19th century

2404. Wollaston-type brass optometer, 19th century

2405. Miscellaneous surgical instruments, 19th century

2406. Leather medicine case with ten vials, 19th century

2407. Double-ended medicine spoon, 19th century

2408. Smellie obstetric perforator, 19th century

2409. Sterilizer, 19th century

2410. Purified talcum powder, 19th century

2411. Cast of bound foot with embroidered Chinese shoe, 19th century

2412. Delaware State Lotteries

2413. Quotations

2414. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Newest, Most Useful and Best Selling Articles of the Day

2415. Donne di Firenze.

2416. [Anastasimatarion].