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4961. Exhibition of the senior class of the South Carolina College.

4962. H. M. S. S. "Rattler" in China.

4963. Declaimers for Commencement of the University of North Carolina

4967. Prospectus of the "Washington Sentinel"

4969. Annual commencement of Jefferson College. Order of exercises.

4970. Bill of sale for Mariah, an enslaved child, from Emanuel Geiger to Alexander Forsyth, 1853 August 6 :autograph manuscript signed.

4971. Notice!

4972. C. S. M'Donald & Co., lottery agents for the state of Maryland

4973. Office of Egerton & Brother, circular of the Maryland lotteries

4974. Notice to the public, and instructions to Postmasters

4977. Republican Citizen-Extra, Frederick, Maryland, Oct. 21, 1853

4978. Whigs of the Fifth Congressional District

4979. First annual exhibition

4980. Towson Town