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12351. Columbian Hotel property in Suffolk for Sale!

12352. Anniversary Dinner, Charleston Chamber of Commerce

12353. Temperance fanaticism

12354. Temperance fanaticism

12358. New York Commission Merchant's Wares and Prices

12362. General court-martial of Edward A. Field

12363. The Southern Exposition, circular no. 5

12364. Entertainment of Mrs. S. S. Williams' School

12365. Grand scheme for distribution of fair property!

12366. Wheat and Cattle Fair

12367. Dulany, Meyer & Co. Exporters of Bonded Whiskies

12368. Public sale!

12369. Frick & Company's general orders.

12370. Prohibition and reform. St. John and Daniel.

12371. The Valley Mutual Life Association of Virginia.

12373. Supplement, Extracts from Gen. Wheeler's speeches

12374. Grand mass meeting of the Republicans of Ashby District at Bridgewater.

12375. Cleveland favors mixed schools. Bourbon denial refuted.

12376. Office of Elias & Goodman.

12377. Proposed Constitution for the North Carolina Temperance Alliance

12378. Retail Price List

12379. George William Curtis papers

12380. George B. Cramer diary

12381. Charles William Eliot papers

12382. Patents

12383. Peggy O'Moore; Shane na laun

12384. General Grant's funeral march

12385. Wake up Gabriel

12387. American line march

12388. Old Uncle Ned with variations

12390. Sea breeze; op. 96

12391. The fisherman and his child

12392. Old year dies tonight

12393. Good night, sweet dreams; Gut' Nacht, mein Lieb'

12394. Always do your duty, boy

12395. Adolph Enenkl papers

12396. Hie away old Satan; Galop; Good bye Nancy Jane

12397. General Grant's funeral march

12398. I trust in God; Credo; O salutaris; O salutaris hostia

12399. Everybody has a trouble of his own

12400. Favorite students serenade; Donna Juanita