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4941. The Yankee Quilting Party; Comic song

4942. The hazel dell

4943. The old sexton

4944. They've sold me down the river; The Negro father's lament

4945. Thomas Branch & Sons

4946. Union polka

4947. Universal medley

4948. We miss thee at home

4949. Welcome home; Companion to Do they miss me at home

4950. Wild ash deer

4951. Woman's rights

4952. Womans right; A right good ballad rightly illustrating womans rights

4953. Fellow citizens of Surry and Yadkin Counties

4954. Agency for the settlement of claims

4955. Frederick W. Bass letter to Joseph Fuqua

4957. Remarks of Mr. Brown of Bedford

4958. Funeral notice, John B. Barker

4960. C.S. McDonald and Co.