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4921. The Zane Grey Theatre returns tonight! Dick Powell tracks down "The Deserter"

4925. The finest Olive Oil for cooking...frying...salads

4926. The hot one's even hotter!

4928. The look to the future by Martin Luther King, Jr.

4929. The man who demanded service

4930. The new Ford Skyliner, world's only hide-away hardtop.

4931. The new automat that serves the world

4932. The outrigger is picking up momentum

4933. The queen of hearts... the Fordor Victoria.

4935. The shape of things to come...and go

4936. The sweetest story ever told... keep that Schoolgirl Complexion Palmolive

4937. The very best on ice

4938. The very best on ice

4939. The world around... Fine cars cost less when they're Ford built!