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4901. Camp polka; Pop goes the weasel

4902. Universal medley

4903. Gems of beauty

4904. Gabrielle; Etude d'expression

4905. The hazel dell

4906. Womans right; A right good ballad rightly illustrating womans rights

4907. Katy-did polka; souvenirs of Castle Garden

4908. They've sold me down the river; The Negro father's lament

4909. Union polka

4910. Blue bird waltz

4911. Pop goes the weazel

4912. Affection Schottisch

4913. Fashion Schottisch

4914. Old folks at home

4915. Come dearest the daylight is gone

4916. Roset mazurka

4917. Welcome home; Companion to Do they miss me at home

4918. Mary Vale

4919. Annabel Lee

4920. Carry me home to die