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1101. Cupping set, 19th century

1102. Delaware State Lotteries

1103. Dissection set, 19th century

1104. Donne di Firenze.

1105. Double-ended medicine spoon, 19th century

1106. F. W. Becker "The Kodak Man"

1107. Folding Pocket Kodaks

1108. Free Dark Rooms at the World's Fair.

1109. General purpose medical and surgical kit, 19th century

1110. Glass baby bottles, 19th century

1111. Hawk-Eye

1112. Homeopathic medicine bag, 19th century

1113. Hot water bottle, 19th century

1114. If it isn't an Eastman, it isn't a Kodak. 2 & 6 Exposure Kodak Cartridges.

1115. If you ask at the store for a Kodak...

1116. Invalid feeder, 19th century

1117. Journal of the V Corps, U. S. Army, 1864-1865 : various place in Virginia.

1118. Kollock, George Jones, 1800s

1119. Kollock, Lemuel, 1800s

1120. Kollock, P. M., 1800s

1121. Leather medicine case with ten vials, 19th century

1122. Lenticular with pentagon end, 19th century

1123. Mary Mapes Dodge note

1124. Medical instruments in leather pocket case, 19th century

1125. Medicine spoon, 19th century

1126. Meerschaum pipe, 19th century

1127. Miscellaneous surgical instruments, 19th century

1128. Petit style tourniquet, 19th century

1129. Photography Simplified

1130. Pocket ivory thermometer, 19th century

1131. Pocket leather medicine case with six vials, 19th century

1132. Purified talcum powder, 19th century

1133. Quotations

1134. Rosewood medicine chest, 19th century

1135. Smellie obstetric perforator, 19th century

1136. Spring lancet, 19th century

1137. Sterilizer, 19th century

1138. The Charm of Winter Photography.

1139. The Vest Pocket Kodak

1140. Trephine with ebony handle and one bit, 19th century

1141. What Rudyard Kipling Thinks of the Pocket Kodak.

1142. Wollaston-type brass optometer, 19th century

1143. Zeiss compound monocular microscope, 19th century

1144. [Anastasimatarion].

1145. Morning prayer; Meditation for piano; Op. 129

1146. American patrol; Op. 92