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4301. Carolyn King slides: Man in uniform with rifle (unidentified), 1940s

4303. Mary Robinson slides: Mrs. Robinson, [Washington, D.C.?], 1940s

4304. James Lowe slides: Tiny Patton and his Orchestra, 1940s

4306. E. T. Hunt slides: duplicate image of 19-0800-005 with smudge, 1940s

4310. Chris Stewart slides: Interior of kitchen (?) with a child and others, 1940s

4311. James Lowe slides: Andy Kirk and his Orchestra, 1940s

4313. Philomene Allen slides: Woman standing by a boy sitting on a pony, 1940s

4316. Notebook, 1956-1957; Sermons, 1919-1958

4317. William Tell overture

4318. Old black Joe

4319. Thunder and lightning polka; Unter Donner und Blitz.; Op. 324

4320. Masked battery schottisch