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4281. William Crumpton slides: Mary E. Crumpton, W.R. Crumpton's mother, 1940s

4289. Work, 1940s

4290. Laura Blount slides: Tuskegee, 1940s

4291. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 030-UR, circa 1940s

4294. Leola Caldwell slides: Grady Caldwell in uniform, 1940s

4295. Laura Blount slides: Laura and friends, 1940s

4297. Mary Robinson slides: Mrs. Robinson, 1940s

4298. Lynchings, 1940s

4299. Ernest Henderson slides: Tuskegee pilots from Hampton Institute, 1940s

4300. Carolyn King slides: Man in uniform with rifle (unidentified), 1940s