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21. "It actually made our picture better than new!"

23. "Let me take you to California via Union Pacific"

25. "Me? I'm a LOVE BIRD!"

26. "My beer is RHEINGOLD-the DRY beer"


28. "No Waste Words Make Long Story Short" Outdoor Advertising

29. "Now our TV is better than new since we changed to a GE Picture Tube!"

30. "Now see me as I am... on a GE Aluminized Tube"

31. "See our Sunday program at its best on a GE Aluminized Tube!"

32. "So nice to arrive Relaxed!"

33. "That's the 5:15 - from Paris"

34. "The most eye-opening proof I've ever seen!"

35. "There is nothing finer than a Stromberg-Carlson"

36. "There is nothing finer than a Stromberg-Carlson"

37. "They're so friendly and thoughtful... that's why I fly canadian"

38. "This was my first trip by Greyhound"

39. "We discovered Alaska with all its adventure and romance"

40. "We moved an entire town by Greyhound SuperCoach!"