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21. Bob Hope and I love to fly!

22. Compare the costs! Can You Afford NOT To Fly United?

23. Only One Transportation System In The U.S. Can Offer You ALL This

24. United sets new record for on-time performance!

25. You save both Hours and Dollars when you Fly United

26. fly United. Fastest, most frequent and the only nonstops to Cleveland-2 hrs.

27. "Twenty years young!"

28. Good afternoon

29. The Nation's Number 1 Coast-To-Coast Airline

30. They "watch the watch" in 6 time zones!

31. Trademark of fine travel

32. Why people like to fly United

33. Aiming High - at 100% Dependability!

34. Ever watch this great team in action?

35. Up to the sunshine level in 15 minutes!

36. Why more than 3 million passengers will fly United this year

37. From the Mile-High City they're "watching" your Mainliner flight

38. If you took care of your car the way we do United Air Lines Mainliners...

39. All the important people fly nowadays

40. How you can visit extra cities on United--at no extra fare