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51. Gracia Dawson slides: O. Dawson and two other men, circa 1896-1992

53. Gracia Dawson slides: Dawson standing by airplane, destination Miami, Florida, circa 1896-1992

54. Gracia Dawson slides: Different collage of newspaper clippings, circa 1896-1992

55. Gracia Dawson slides: Article on Dawson's trip, circa 1896-1992

56. Gracia Dawson slides: Group photo at Gracia Dawson's wedding, circa 1896-1992

58. Gracia Dawson slides: Oliver Dawson at South Carolina State College, circa 1896-1992

65. Publications, arranged chronologically

66. Miscellaneous historical prints: 12 prints, circa 1905-1950s

67. Biographical data, 1909-1982 and undated

68. Doris George slides: Three women, a man, and a child, circa early 1900s-1992

69. Doris George slides: Woman with two children, circa early 1900s-1992

70. Miscellaneous, circa 1913-1970s (2 of 2)

71. Miscellaneous, circa 1913-1970s (1 of 2)

72. Memoir, "Memorable Things Happen", undated

73. The Sheffield Apprentice

74. Sallie Dover

75. The Passing Policeman

76. The Harmless Hare

77. Wax Cylinder: RL00160-WC-0007

78. The Maid I Left Behind

79. Caroline of Edinburgh Town

80. In the Isle of St. Helena

81. Residential life timelines, 1922-1990

82. William Kimbrough Carr papers

83. C, 1928-1982

84. Marcus and Alma Lyons slides: Commencement program, 1928-1980s

91. Bernice Caldwell slides: Portrait of "Otsie", circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

92. Bernice Caldwell slides: Otsie sitting by dining table, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

93. Bernice Caldwell slides: Boy in chair - El's Barbershop, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

94. Bernice Caldwell slides: Elmer Bradshaw - Papa, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

95. Bernice Caldwell slides: Mike's party - 4 years old, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

97. Bernice Caldwell slides: Baby in carriage, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s

99. Bernice Caldwell slides: Mike's party - 4 years old, circa 1920s-circa late 1970s