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21. Fragment from a collection of Shiite ḥadīths.

22. Fragment from a copy of the Qurʼān with interlinear Persian translation.

23. Fragments from a text on Islamic law.

24. Islamic devotional book.

28. Male ivory standing manikin with head tilted to right, 17th or 18th century

29. Male/female pair with ivory pillow on wooden couches, 17th or 18th century

31. [Kyriakodromion, homilies for Sundays based on the lectionary texts].

32. [New Testament Gospel Lectionary].

33. [Sticherarion, Triodion and Pentecostarion].

34. Προoιμιακά ζητήματα τη̃ς λογικη̃ς πραγματείας.