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3961. Treasurer_s Guidebook.docx

3962. SOFC Guidelines of the DSG 2018 Spring Semester.docx

3963. 2018-2019_ballroom_schedule.xlsx

3964. [LATEST] SOFC By-Law (Spring 2018).docx

3965. DSG Attendance _ Voting 18-19.xlsx

3966. [TEMPLATE] DSG Senate Calendar of Legislation, Session #x.xlsx

3967. [S-2018-0829-01] Election Rules and Procedures for 2018-2019.docx

3968. DCD budget planning_.xlsx

3969. Academic Affairs Project Update

3970. LNY activity thing.docx

3971. dcd thxgiving potluck sign up!.xlsx

3972. newbie intro form!! (Responses).xlsx

3973. [TEMPLATE] Resolution of Confirmation of a Nominee.docx

3974. Fy19_DBDC_Budget(1).xlsx

3978. Travellers in Ottoman Lands: the botanical legacy