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3941. [LATEST] Young Trustee By-Law 11-8 edits.pdf

3942. [LATEST][NOHIGHLIGHTS] Executive By-Law (amended April 2018).docx.pdf

3943. [OLD] SOFC By-Law (10-18 revisions).docx

3944. [OLD] SOFC By-Law (10-18 revisions).pdf

3945. [S-2018-0829-01] Election Rules and Procedures for 2018-2019.docx

3946. [TEMPLATE] Budgetary Statute.docx

3947. [TEMPLATE] Caucus Petition.docx

3948. [TEMPLATE] DSG Master Roster [year]-[year], Session #x.xlsx

3949. [TEMPLATE] DSG Senate Calendar of Legislation, Session #x.xlsx

3950. [TEMPLATE] Resolution of Confirmation of a Nominee.docx

3951. [TEMPLATE] Resolution, Organization Recognition_Charter.docx

3952. [TEMPLATE] Resolution.docx

3953. [TEMPLATE] Statute.docx

3954. [TEMPLATE] [year]-[month]-[day], Agenda for Senate Meetings.docx

3955. dcd fams!! (´⌣`ʃƪ) (newbies) (Responses).xlsx

3956. dcd fams!! (´⌣`ʃƪ) (newbies).zip

3957. dcd homecoming alum dinner ʕ ´•̥̥̥ ᴥ•̥̥̥`ʔ.zip

3958. dcd semi interest form! (Responses).xlsx

3959. dcd semi interest form!

3960. dcd songs