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3861. Leadership Launch meeting.docx

3862. LNY brainstorm.docx

3863. LNY songs suggestion slash teaching interest!!! (Responses).xlsx

3864. LNY Small Group Song Voting! (Responses).xlsx

3865. LNY activity thing.docx

3866. Practice.docx

3867. LNY small group interest form (Responses).xlsx

3868. Pureun Survey_ Apparels and Showcase Availability (Responses).xlsx

3869. Pureun rejection_acceptance letter_.docx

3870. SOP_ Applying for Showcase Space.docx

3871. Summer meeting 2.docx

3872. with xiaolan first meeting.docx

3873. Treasurer_s Guidebook.docx

3874. Senate By-Law (amended November 2018).docx

3875. House Rules (amended February 2018).docx

3876. DSG Constitution (amended February 2017).docx

3877. [TEMPLATE] Budgetary Statute.docx

3878. [TEMPLATE] Resolution.docx

3879. [LATEST][NOHIGHLIGHTS] Executive By-Law (amended April 2018).docx.pdf

3880. Caucus Petition (Responses).xlsx