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9351. Data and Visualization Services Sample Datasets

9352. Stinespring, William F.

9353. Rich, Adrienne, 1972-1997 and undated

9354. Earnings and Royalty Statements

9355. NYC Trip to See Publisher and Agent

9356. Banking (2 physical folders as one item)

9357. Fliers, circa 1970-1998

9358. NCARRV

9359. Countering Homophobic Violence

9360. Clippings, 1970-1997

9361. International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE )

9362. Clippings, 1967-1995

9363. Robin Morgan, Grace Paley, Adrienne Rich, Gloria Steinem, Jane Alpert, undated

9364. Clippings, circa 1964-2002, undated

9365. Castellano, Juan R.

9366. Rippy, J. Fred

9367. Nell Irvin Painter letters to Jackie Bryant Smith, 1957-2004

9368. Thank You Ella The People of Connecticut

9369. Thank You Ella The People of Connecticut

9370. Do As Little As Possible. Just Do It. Call The Voluteer Bureau 840-Do It

9371. Untitled

9372. Many Campaigns In One Give Thru Your Community Chest

9373. Hire a Teen Today 968-8278 Tempe Youth Center

9374. Untitled

9375. Hearn 14th Street Gifts for All Here Money Goes Far

9376. Hearn 14th Street Gifts for All Here Money Goes Far

9377. Combat Area Casualties Dataset

9378. Deans, Installation, circa 1951-1997

9379. After the Morning

9380. Defense Casualty Analysis System Dataset

9381. Defense Casualty Analysis System Dataset

9382. Guns and Ammo Magazine

9383. Lawyers' Second Amendment Society

9384. Literature, mass mailings, undated

9385. Gun News Digest

9386. National Rifle Association

9387. Charlotte, NC: production slides, 1940s-1990s

9388. Nodong Sinmun 1945-1999

9389. The Adventures of a Fuller Brush Man: The Amorous Mrs. Twirp

9390. Harold Teen in Sugar Bowl, by U.R.A. Muffdriver

9391. Jean Harlot in A Poor Fit

9392. Lene Tooney the Smart Boy

9393. Jeannie Comes in a Bottle

9394. A Lesson in Love with Charlie McCarthy

9395. Radio's Kate Smitz

9396. Dixie Dugan

9397. Dumb Dora

9398. Hairbreadth Harry in The Rescue

9399. Maggie in Gay Maid

9400. Radio Haiti photographs, Childhood and Family (early), 112m