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9351. for loafing & living: The Carefree Inn

9352. for sheer pleasure Serve...

9353. free PARKING one hour limit.

9354. give EARLY TIMES

9355. good taste in cans

9356. help stamp out home cookin'

9357. hey lucky plan a winning night!

9358. home of the "Good Station"

9359. if you can find a better it!

9360. if you can find a better it!

9361. in cans! no deposit no return

9362. in cans! no deposit no return

9363. instant replay

9364. instant replay

9365. instant replay

9366. it's Harvest Dime!

9367. it's a whole new ball game, so...Be There!

9368. it's the real thing

9369. it's top banana time

9370. it's top banana time

9371. join the swingers

9372. just mention my name

9373. just mention my name

9374. just mention my name

9375. just mention my name

9376. just mention my name

9377. just mention my name

9378. just mention my name

9379. just mention my name

9380. just mention my name

9381. lightness/flavor Burgie's balanced right

9382. lightness/flavor Burgie's balanced right

9383. lightness/flavor Burgie's balanced right

9384. live a little extra

9385. live a little extra

9386. live a little extra

9387. make yourself a swinger

9388. make yourself a swinger

9389. make yourself a swinger

9390. more for your money

9391. most expensively made Bourbon in Kentucky

9392. nation's oldest registered distillery

9393. nation's oldest registered distillery

9394. nation's oldest registered distillery

9395. never, never hurried

9396. no blarney from your Ford dealer

9397. no service charge checking

9398. now it's Pepsi for those you think young

9399. now it's Pepsi for those you think young

9400. now it's Pepsi for those you think young