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3141. Enjoy Coca-Cola Classic The Universal Language of Friendship

3142. Fashion tigers Fly to West Edmonton Mall Edmonton, Canada

3143. Fast Seafood Lurks NEarby. Skipper's Lyndale Ave. S. at 86th St.

3144. For The Love Of God. Give. The National Red Shield Appeal The Salvation Army

3145. Fred Frantic!

3146. Fred Frantic!

3147. Fred Free!

3148. Fred Free!

3149. Free Fred!

3150. Free Fred!

3151. Goeth when the iceman cometh.

3152. Hard Hitting Football Coverage. Star and Tribune

3153. Help Fred get out!

3154. Help Fred get out!

3155. Help Free Fred!

3156. Help Free Fred!

3157. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas from the folks at Sunkist

3158. Hottest Coupons in Town! rainbow foods

3159. Impaired Driving is Breaking Alberta's (picture of a heart)

3160. Lake County Fair--Crown Point, IN