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12401. Leola Williams slides: A boy and a woman (unidentified), 1940s

12402. Margaret Nelson slides: Robert Stokes, a cousin, with bicycle, 1940s

12404. Larry Henderson slides: Man in uniform on a bicycle, 1940s

12409. Olivia Cook slides: Man in military uniform and woman, 1940s

12411. James Lowe slides: Lil Green and her Orchestra [headshot only of Green], 1940s

12412. Johnnie Archie slides: Social gathering, people dressed in formal attire, 1940s

12413. Chris Stewart slides: Unidentified child, seated outside, 1940s

12416. Mary Robinson slides: Mrs. Robinson, 1940s

12419. Alex Byrd slides: Unidentified woman with glasses and jacket, circa 1940s

12420. William Crumpton slides: Mary E. Crumpton, W.R. Crumpton's mother, 1940s

12428. Work, 1940s

12429. Laura Blount slides: Tuskegee, 1940s

12430. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 030-UR, circa 1940s

12433. Leola Caldwell slides: Grady Caldwell in uniform, 1940s

12434. Laura Blount slides: Laura and friends, 1940s

12436. Mary Robinson slides: Mrs. Robinson, 1940s

12437. Lynchings, 1940s

12438. Ernest Henderson slides: Tuskegee pilots from Hampton Institute, 1940s

12439. Carolyn King slides: Man in uniform with rifle (unidentified), 1940s

12441. Mary Robinson slides: Mrs. Robinson, [Washington, D.C.?], 1940s

12442. James Lowe slides: Tiny Patton and his Orchestra, 1940s

12444. E. T. Hunt slides: duplicate image of 19-0800-005 with smudge, 1940s

12448. Chris Stewart slides: Interior of kitchen (?) with a child and others, 1940s

12449. James Lowe slides: Andy Kirk and his Orchestra, 1940s

12451. Philomene Allen slides: Woman standing by a boy sitting on a pony, 1940s

12454. Notebook, 1956-1957; Sermons, 1919-1958

12455. William Tell overture

12456. Old black Joe

12457. Thunder and lightning polka; Unter Donner und Blitz.; Op. 324

12458. Masked battery schottisch

12459. Traumerei and Little romance; Op. 15; Revery

12460. Famous ride of Tam O'Shanter

12463. Anatomy dissection kit, 20th century

12464. Contemporary fetoscope, 20th century

12465. Medical instruments in a metal pocket case, 20th century

12466. Human skeleton model, articulated, 20th century

12467. Laennec stethoscope, 20th century

12468. Medical instruments, chiefly 20th century

12469. Glass contact lenses, 20th century

12470. Acupuncture model, People's Republic of China, 20th century

12471. Shishikarimon-nishiki: Guardian Gods Hunting Lion, 20th century

12472. Mochica medicine man, 20th century