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12301. You hear Maxwell House Coffee praised wherever you go!

12302. If you think all catsup is all--just try Van Camp's

12303. Tastes Good Anywhere Under the Sun

12304. Sawyer's Lily Soda salted cracker

12305. Good to the Last Drop

12306. Always Mild and Safe for Baby's Skin

12307. "The world's finest coffee--That's my opinion"

12308. Choose From 15 Delicious Varieties of Hubigs Honey-Fruit Pies--Famous!

12309. Gee Mother, I'm Sure Strong for This! Toasted Bran Flakes and California Raisins

12310. Monsieur--This Coffee is the Best in the World! "Good to the Last Drop"

12311. Now the Real Treat--"Good to the Last Drop"

12312. Now You're All Dressed Up--They Speak for Themselves

12313. Be Cozy; Line your ome with Balsam-Wool (It Tucks In)

12314. A Better Hat for $6

12315. Smoke an Emerson--And You Be the Judge

12316. Snappy!

12317. Good to the Last Drop

12318. "Yes sah! Star Brand Shoes are better"

12319. $ave $ilk $tocking$--Wash Daily With American Family Flakes

12320. Nut Pattikins; a new candy taste!

12321. Nip Colds at the Start

12322. They Didn't Have Skates Like These When I Was a Boy!

12323. Sliced--Delicious!

12324. America's Cup Coffee--Pleases as Only a Superfine Blend Can Please

12325. That Typically American Smartness--Guaranteed at Better Stores

12326. A millionaire can serve no better butter!

12327. In the New Teepee Tin! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple

12328. Boy, You'll Never Even Get Near Me!

12329. For dinner tonight

12330. Don't Catch Cold--But if You Do

12331. "Everyday--my best seller"

12332. aa wonderful "new taste" in pickles

12333. Delicious with milk; The Health Biscuit

12334. Indian Hill With Your Holiday Spirits Will Mean a Merry Christmas

12335. Patriot Shoes for Well-Dressed Men

12336. "Good to the last drop"

12337. The same good taste--always!

12338. They Just Melt in Your Mouth

12339. It Made a Cigar Smoker Out of Me

12340. Now--Cravenette Processed, Shower-Proof Roll-It Cap with Indestructible Visor

12341. Radio from the Light Socket--New and Improved Freshman Masterpiece

12342. That Typically American Smartness--At the Better Stores

12343. For Rugged Service!

12344. Good to the Last Drop

12345. Heap Good! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple

12346. For Unlimited Service!

12347. Heap Fine on Flapjacks! A Different Blend of Cane and Maple

12348. The finest hotel can serve no better butter!

12349. Golden hickory smoked herring

12350. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

12351. Distilled by the famous old Mistletoe Process

12352. 20 Times Sterilized just say Northern Tissue

12353. The Good Old Standby

12354. A much Softer, whiter bathroom paper

12355. Agreed- a taste all its own Butter-Nut The Coffee Delicious

12356. Where in the world* is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

12357. "Senorita~ I drink to you!"

12358. Outwear tow ordinary pair Headlight Union Made Overalls

12359. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

12360. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

12361. The Beer of the Year

12362. Harvey Poster Advertising Company

12363. Pleasing and Modern Color Effects

12364. "-and Butter-Nut Coffee of course"

12365. [Harvey] Poster Advertising Company

12366. Keep Cool with Butter-Nut Iced Tea

12367. Paris Garters No Metal can touch you

12368. "Senora, a cup of Tropic sunshine for you"

12369. You will admire the home paint with Acme Quality

12370. Headlight Union Made Overalls

12371. Say "Peter Pan" to your grocerman!

12372. Agreed --its flavor is incomparable

12373. Ovaltine for sound, natural sleep without drugs

12374. Snappy!

12375. Snappy!

12376. Made from the smae material as softest rayon

12377. Outdoor Poster and [unreadable] Advertising

12378. Ideal for Sandwiches

12379. 32 slices in every loaf!

12380. *Where in the world is there flavor like Butter-Nut "The Coffee Delicious"

12381. Drum microscope, first half of 19th century

12382. Drum microscope, first half of 19th century

12387. Aline St. Julien slides: Portrait of A.P. Bedou, relative, New Orleans, circa 1890s-1994

12389. Nursing can or mammele, late 18th-mid 19th century

12392. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Ms. Pajeaud's father's first communion, circa 1899-1960s

12395. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Marjorie on a family outing to Chicago at age 11, circa 1899-1960s

12396. Marjorie Pajeaud slides: Place settings on a dinner table, color photo, circa 1899-1960s

12400. Gracia Dawson slides: Building naming and proclamation in honor of Gracia Dawson, circa 1896-1992