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12301. Sue Russell Kelker slides: Campbell's Park outing group photograph, 1940s

12303. Margaret Nelson slides: Doris Williams, 1940s

12308. Lucinda Gulledge slides: Family portrait, 1940s

12309. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 070-UR, circa 1940s

12310. Edwin and Annette Thorpe slides: Man opening boot of car, 1940s

12311. Essie Dozier slides: Arlo Veon Coker, Sr., 1940s

12313. Leola Caldwell slides: Grady Caldwell in uniform, 1940s

12317. Mary Robinson slides: Joe Williams (father) and daughter, Chicago, 1940s

12318. Unidentified Donor Slides: "Andre", 1940s

12323. Chris Stewart slides: Unidentified man and woman, outside, 1940s

12324. Alex Byrd slides: Unidentified woman in cap and gown, circa 1940s

12328. Larry Henderson slides: Man in a uniform, 1940s

12329. Leola Williams slides: Two men in army uniforms (unidentified), 1940s

12333. Sadie Hughley slides: Mrs. Hughley's Aunt Dewdrop Walmsley, 1940s

12335. Ernest Henderson slides: "Lady pilot at Tuskegee" (unidentified woman), 1940s

12347. James Lowe slides: Mr. Lowe and his Orchestra, 1940s

12349. Team, circa 1940s

12356. Ernest Henderson slides: GI's at Tuskegee, 1940s

12357. Essie Dozier slides: Alfred Otto Coker, Sr., wearing a military uniform, 1940s

12361. Leola Caldwell slides: Army photos, 1940s

12362. James Lowe slides: Ben Carter, 1940s

12367. Chris Stewart slides: Unidentified group outside home, 1940s

12368. Philomene Allen slides: Family of five, standing, 1940s

12372. E. T. Hunt slides: Group photo of baseball team, 1940s

12376. Leola Williams slides: Couple with cake (unidentified), 1940s

12378. Herbert Davis slides: Man seated on steps with dog, "Johnnie Davis, '22", 1940s

12380. Laura Blount slides: Unidentified friends, children in various photos, 1940s

12382. Alex Byrd slides: Unidentified man and woman standing outside, 1940s

12384. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 070-UR, circa 1940s

12388. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 068-UR, circa 1940s

12389. Leola Williams slides: Man in uniform (Lonnie Dunbar), 1940s

12392. Alex Byrd slides: duplicate of 030-UR, circa 1940s

12393. Laura Blount slides: Davison Hall in Spring (Ft. Valley), 1940s

12394. Emmett Bashful slides: A group photo of men in suits, 1940s

12395. Leola Caldwell slides: Grady Caldwell - Army photo, 1940s

12396. James Lowe slides: Portrait of unidentified jazz quartet, 1940s

12399. Iberia Parish Library Slides: Group graduation portrait, 1940s