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201. Along About Sundown

202. Loans

203. Buy Defense Bonds Stamps

204. For the Bride For the Graduate

205. Pon beer, Film [camera film] (2 advertisements)

206. Vacation Tip - Get Your Travellers Cheques

207. Stars! Enriched TIP-TOP is Better Bread

208. Regal Pale

209. Various Headlines from War Posters

210. In Los Angeles Industrial Center of the West

211. Extra War Bonds

213. A-1 for everything you bake-

214. Best You Can Buy!

215. Along About Sundown

216. Various Headlines from War Posters

217. Protect the Right of Free Speech

218. Charity, Cola (3 advertisements)

219. "It's a Cinch to make"

220. Dependable Car and Truck Service