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5401. as good to your taste as it is to your thirst

5402. be an aviation cadet U.S. Air Force

5403. be an aviation cadet U.S. Air Force

5404. better to light one little candle...than to curse the crisis

5406. bright idea for kitchens a personal extension phone

5408. chippers!

5409. cigarettes, beer? liquor? (2 advertisements)

5410. come aboard your Naval Reserve

5411. cool crisp and delicious

5412. coolcrisp andelicious

5413. coolcrisp andelicious

5414. coolcrisp andelicious

5415. coolcrisp andelicious

5416. coolcrisp andelicious

5417. coolcrisp andelicious

5418. don't just say whiskey... say Bourbon de Luxe

5419. fresh-picked Green Giant Peas... sweet and tender

5420. fresher flavor with New Process Niblets Fresh Corn Off the Cob New Fresh-Flavor Process

5421. fun! Granny Goose Crackle Fresh Potato Chips

5422. get the drop on your cough!

5423. go TEEM every tingling time

5424. ice cream, Electronics? (2 advertisements)

5425. in Boston it's the Sheraton Plaza No Room Charge For Children Air conditioning Parking TV

5426. it costs so little to use the BEST

5427. it's All Pontiac! new Wide-Track

5428. it's better with Ritz

5429. just add Fix-A-Drink. 9 Delicious Pure Fruit Flavors

5430. listen to Hutton's Business News KMPC (710) Mon. thru Sat. 8:15 A.M.

5431. luscious! Sealtest Ice Cream

5432. mileage Fisk Time to Re-Tire...Get a Fisk

5433. modern training Navy

5434. modern training Navy

5435. more romp thrifty '60 Dodge Sweptline

5436. pick a thoroughbred... De Soto

5437. proudly you serve

5438. see the best on CBS Channel 11 KGUL-TV

5439. see the best on CBS Channel 11 KGUL-TV

5440. serves industry in Los Angeles Area

5441. step lively with Wheaties "Breakfast of Champions"

5442. support your country in your community Naval Reserve

5443. the one-and-only Almond Roca from Brown & Haley. Where good things happen. Almond Roca - America's Finest Confection

5444. undated, זילבערפעלד, 305

5445. unknown, Continental Engines (2 advertisements)

5446. unknown, Health Alert, Chysler Sedan (3 advertisements)

5447. western food 1 min Nut Tree

5448. western food 30 min Nut Tree

5449. your Secret Island

5450. Élections 1957 : Louis Déjoie (1)