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3. Anatomy dissection kit, 20th century

4. Contemporary fetoscope, 20th century

6. Human skeleton model, articulated, 20th century

7. Laennec stethoscope, 20th century

8. Medical instruments, chiefly 20th century

9. Glass contact lenses, 20th century

10. Acupuncture model, People's Republic of China, 20th century

11. Shishikarimon-nishiki: Guardian Gods Hunting Lion, 20th century

12. Mochica medicine man, 20th century

13. William Tell overture

14. Thunder and lightning polka; Unter Donner und Blitz.; Op. 324

15. Masked battery schottisch

16. Traumerei and Little romance; Op. 15; Revery

17. Famous ride of Tam O'Shanter

18. Old black Joe

19. AMF: Impact KE21 Bowling Ball, 1970s

20. Hasbro: Charlie's Angels Dolls, 1970s

21. Texaco, 1970s

22. Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge

23. Texaco, 1970s

24. Gillette: TRAC II Razor, 1970s

25. Continental Airlines, 1970s

26. TWA's New Ambassador Seat To New York.

27. Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake, 1970s

28. Vicks: NyQuil, 1970s

29. New York

30. Hasbro: Scream'n Demons, 1970s

31. Birds Eye: Orange Plus, 1970s

32. P&G: Scope Mouthwash, 1970s

33. P&G: Pampers Disposable Diapers, 1970s

34. P&G: Bounce Fabric Softener, 1970s

35. Frankly, some little old ladies don't like us.

36. Untitled presentation

37. Hardee's, 1970s

38. Hasbro: Snowman Sno-Cone Machine, 1970s

39. Hasbro: Charlie's Angels Hideaway House, 1970s

40. P&G: Crest Toothpaste, 1970s

41. Birds Eye: Cool Whip, 1970s


43. Peter Paul Candy: Caravelle Candy Bar, 1970s

44. P&G: Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, 1970s

45. Garage Sale

46. Texaco, 1970s

47. SC Johnson: Pledge, 1970s

48. P&G: Crest Toothpaste, 1970s

49. Vicks: NyQuil, 1970s

50. Texaco Public Relations, 1970s