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1. "...on ford, on falcon, on fairlane..."

2. "Big Helpings... Arizona Style."

3. "Big Helpings... Arizona Style."

4. "Black & White" Scotch.

5. "Deals sweeter than swiped watermelons"

6. "MOVE 'EM OUT" Fords are clearin' fast!

7. "More choices than a kid in a candy store"

8. "New Jersey's Real Rock F.M. 103.5" The Apple WAPP FM 103.5

9. "New Jersey's Real Rock FM 103.5"

10. "Prices lower than a gopher in Death Valley"

11. "Save enough to send your mother-in-law to camp"

12. "Tom Moran tickles me." WIP/610 Tickle Tickle

13. "Where pizza is always in good taste"

14. "Where pizza is always in good taste"

15. "gobble, gobble..."

16. "gobble, gobble..." your Ford dealer talks turkey

17. #1 for your Car A.R.A. Air Conditioner

18. '72 Caprice

19. '72 Impala

20. ... Without them what?