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1. "...on ford, on falcon, on fairlane..."

3. "Big Helpings... Arizona Style."

4. "Big Helpings... Arizona Style."

5. "Black & White" Scotch.

6. "Containers"

7. "Deals sweeter than swiped watermelons"


9. "MOVE 'EM OUT" Fords are clearin' fast!

10. "More choices than a kid in a candy store"

11. "New Jersey's Real Rock F.M. 103.5" The Apple WAPP FM 103.5

12. "New Jersey's Real Rock FM 103.5"

13. "Prices lower than a gopher in Death Valley"

14. "Recht ist hüben zwar wie drüben"

15. "Save enough to send your mother-in-law to camp"

16. "Tom Moran tickles me." WIP/610 Tickle Tickle

19. "Where pizza is always in good taste"

20. "Where pizza is always in good taste"