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2. "A pleasure to fly" Lockheed Constellation For Reservations Call: TWA-Trans World Airlines

3. "At curtain time my hair must shine -so I shampoo with Drene!"

4. "Baby, It's Warm Inside"

5. "Best Cleaner Yet...for a Quick Clean-up From Cellar to Attic"

6. "Big Bev" is making Columbus Food History

7. "C'est Magnifique!"

8. "Fun galore-Fall or Winter at the Empress in British Columbia"

9. "G.E. makes you feel it's real!"

10. "Goodness!"

11. "Greyhound's one of the biggest bargains in vacation travel!"

12. "Have a Marlboro!"

13. "Here's why we both agree on Raytheon TV, it's Futurized!"

14. "Here's why we both agree on Raytheon TV, it's Futurized!"

15. "Hey, what d'ya know! They've got a ranch house on this train"

16. "Honeymoon dreams came true...on our White Empress cruise to Europe"

17. "I forget my cares when I ride the open highway"

18. "I love to see people have a good time and they sure do on this train!" new Super Chief

19. "I was thrilled to really see America by Greyhound!"

20. "I'd Love To Go... But Have I Enough Time?" Yes! The Airlines Gain You Time... Time... Time!