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1. Kollock, George Jones, 1800s

2. Kollock, P. M., 1800s

3. Kollock, Lemuel, 1800s

4. F. W. Becker "The Kodak Man"

6. What Rudyard Kipling Thinks of the Pocket Kodak.

7. $ 6.00 and $ 10.00 Kodaks.

10. The Vest Pocket Kodak

11. Folding Pocket Kodaks

12. Hawk-Eye

13. Photography Simplified

14. The Charm of Winter Photography.

15. Chinese diagnostic doll, 19th century?

16. Apothecary boiler, 19th century

17. General purpose medical and surgical kit, 19th century

18. Pocket leather medicine case with six vials, 19th century

19. Cupping set, 19th century

20. Glass baby bottles, 19th century

21. Spring lancet, 19th century

22. Medicine spoon, 19th century

23. Hot water bottle, 19th century

24. Trephine with ebony handle and one bit, 19th century

25. Rosewood medicine chest, 19th century

26. Collection of syringes, 19th century

28. Homeopathic medicine bag, 19th century

29. Dissection set, 19th century

30. Invalid feeder, 19th century

31. Pocket ivory thermometer, 19th century

32. Lenticular with pentagon end, 19th century

33. Medical instruments in leather pocket case, 19th century

34. Meerschaum pipe, 19th century

35. Petit style tourniquet, 19th century

36. Wollaston-type brass optometer, 19th century

37. Miscellaneous surgical instruments, 19th century

38. Leather medicine case with ten vials, 19th century

39. Double-ended medicine spoon, 19th century

40. Smellie obstetric perforator, 19th century

41. Sterilizer, 19th century

42. Purified talcum powder, 19th century

43. Cast of bound foot with embroidered Chinese shoe, 19th century

44. Donne di Firenze.

45. Journal of the V Corps, U. S. Army, 1864-1865 : various place in Virginia.

46. Mary Mapes Dodge note

47. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Newest, Most Useful and Best Selling Articles of the Day

48. Quotations

49. Delaware State Lotteries

50. [Anastasimatarion].

51. Collection of 16 medical bottles, 19th-early 20th century

52. Three pairs of spectacles/eyeglasses, 19th-20th centuries

53. Trephination instruments, 18th-19th centuries

54. Miscellaneous medical instruments, 19th and 20th centuries

56. Mount Vernon polka

57. Wedding march; Midsummer-night's dream

58. Jeannette & Jeannot; Conscripts departure

59. La Californienne; Grande polka brillante; Op. 167

60. North Carolina grand march

61. Amourette or Mount Vernon polka; Mount Vernon polka

62. Sea Serpent Polka

63. Ouverture Tancredi

64. Grand round; Petersburg; March cotillion; Old point cotillion; Butterfly; Bird of liberty

65. Annie Laurie; Scotch ballad

66. There is no home like my own

68. Oh! Susanna

69. Beatrice di Tenda; Op. 87

70. March of the First Volunteer Regiment of Alabama

71. Round the corner

72. Sontag polka

73. O wert thou in the cauld blast; O sah' ich auf der Haide; Volkslied

74. Where are the friends of my youth. Quartette

75. Shool; American student song

76. Sad is my heart with care; Wie mir's im Herzen schwer; Op. 52

78. Morning star waltz; Schonbrunner waltz; Schoenbrunner

79. Ave Maria

80. Agnes polka

81. Home sweet home

82. Evening star waltz

83. Schottisch artistique

84. Conscript's departure; Jeannette & Jeannot

85. Lady moon

86. I will go to the spring; Jetzt gang i an's Brunnele

87. Thousand and one night; Tausend und eine Nacht; Op. 346

88. To teachers and controllers of public schools.

91. Rich Golden Placer!! More certain than California or Pike's Peak!

93. A broker.

94. Important to land holders: attend to your titles!

98. Commencement Ball. College of Charleston