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21. Durham GIS Features - Transportation

22. Durham GIS Features - Planning / Land Use / Development / Zoning

23. ReferenceUSA Business Historical Data Files

24. ESRI Data and Maps 1996

25. Village Potential Statistics (PODES) Dataset — Indonesia

26. Polidata Presidential Results By Congressional District 1992-2008

27. U.S. Census Population Estimates - County Level

28. Selected Landsat Images

29. International Country Risk Guide Researchers Dataset (ICRG)

30. National Sample Survey (India)

31. Latin American Public Opinion Project

32. Data and Visualization Services Sample Datasets

33. International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE )

34. Combat Area Casualties Dataset

35. Durham Aerial Imagery (USDA)

36. Defense Casualty Analysis System Dataset

37. Duke Forest GIS Layers

38. Historic Digital Bills and Resolutions: 1789-2013

39. Euratlas Ancient Rome Vector Map

40. Euratlas Historical Political Boundaries of Europe