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1. Report on meeting of Nov 18, Washington D.C

2. The Two-Cereal Idea Sure Builds the Appetite!

3. If you could see the Germs in Your Throat

4. How Old Are You?

5. Child Caught Cold; Pneumonia Feared

6. Don't let Influenza get the upper hand

7. #NAME?

8. Trustworthy in a hundred little emergencies

9. Why Does Everybody Rely On Listerine When An Epidemic Hits Town?...

10. Reduce Easy As ABC! The Same Simple Way The Stars Use To Reduce!

11. Controlled test on 102 people shows 1/2 As Many Colds For Listerine Users

12. To a woman in love ...Dew is absolutely necessary

14. A Gargle Won't Help Your Sore Throat

15. "We guard our throats against germs"

16. "-but sore throat is only the beginning!"

17. Undated manuscript fragment mentioning allegations by a nabob

18. Clippings, article fragments, notes, inventories of other holdings.

19. Untitled anti-communist lecture, undated

20. NYPD, updated, undated