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101. Now at Popular Prices (Original [erased] beer [erased])


103. "Keep Pace with Changing Taste..." Ted Williams. Drink Moxie. Regular or Sugar Free.

104. Untitled

105. Herbie

106. Untitled

108. I'm Going Down the Mobile Line'

109. Flavorite VICEROY

110. It's Time to a '63 Range--See Your Appliance Dealer Now

111. Untitled Presentation

112. Untitled

113. Untitled

114. Untitled Presentation

115. There's nothing like it on earth.

116. Purr-fectly mild.

118. Symbol of Quality Service...

122. Untitled Presentation

123. [unreadable] Leisure World is Coming to the Valley of the Sun

124. All-American 4th of July

125. Outdoor Advertising, Gasoline (2 advertisements)

126. A Homeowner's Supermarket


128. Untitled

129. Fight On! Join the March of Dimes!

130. Coming Soon... Gift Stars For Free Gifts

131. pays the highest interest the law allows.

133. Fidelity Storage

134. While at Park Central ... shop at Expectation Shop

135. Untitled

137. Sleep Better On a King Size Innerspring Mattress

139. Candy

140. Untitled

141. Frisco Glace Gelati

142. The pen is mightier with our checking.

144. Untitled

145. Famous For Fine Food and Atmosphere Stockholm Retaurant Swedish Smorgasbord

147. Various

148. The Arizona Bank- Where you get your money's worth

149. Untitled Presentation

150. Untitled