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202. Phylogenomic error and the molecular clock (Visiting Scholar)

206. Synthesis and test of the sensory drive hypothesis (Visiting Scholar)

209. Integrating fossil and molecular data in the study of diversification (Visiting Scholar)

210. Phenoscape curation (Visiting Scholar)

215. Germination, trait coevolution, and niche limits in changing environments (Meeting)

216. Integrating datasets to investigate megafaunal extinction in the late quaternary (Meeting)

223. The origin and evolution of animal-microbe interactions (Meeting)

224. Earth surface processes in the evolution of mammalian tooth shape (Meeting)

231. Postdoctoral Symposium (Center Project)

232. Integrating approaches to macroevolution: combining fossils and phylogenies (Meeting)

233. Toward a unified evolutionary theory of decision-making in animals (Meeting)

235. Genome-enabled Research on Manakins (Meeting)

236. Testing theories for the evolution of genomic imprinting (Meeting)

237. Developing a Roadmap for The Future of Landscape Genomics (Meeting)

243. Software for bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees (Meeting)

254. Evolutionary shifts in vertebrate visual ecology and visual system morphology (Meeting)

257. Domestication as an evolutionary phenomenon: expanding the synthesis (Meeting)

260. Determinants of extinction in ancient and modern seas (Meeting)

264. Infusing Medical Education with Evolutionary Thinking (Meeting)

266. Large-scale demographic, network and behavioral trait analyses of sociality (Meeting)

269. Evolutionary Origins and Development of Woody Plants (Meeting)

270. An integrative understanding of the evolution of genomic imprinting (Meeting)

271. The tree of sex – a comprehensive synthesis of sex determination systems in eukaryotes (Meeting)

276. HIP: Hackathons, Interoperability, Phylogenies (Meeting)

277. Human evolution and adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia (Meeting)

278. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

279. Toward a general theory of biological invasions (Visiting Scholar)

289. Explaining cultural diversity: A new evolutionary synthesis (Meeting)

294. The role of environmental heterogeneity in diversity-area relationships (Visiting Scholar)