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1. Report on meeting of Nov 18, Washington D.C

2. Natalie Curtis to Browne, 21 May (year unknown), New York City

3. Poem: The empty sleeve, undated

4. Baugh & Sons, proprietors of Delaware River Chemical Works

5. Special Notice

8. Pennsylvania's grand mass convention

9. Special engagement at the opera house

10. Hon. Thos. F. Bayard, Democratic candidate for president

11. Slavery and Liberty--E. Pluribus Unum!

12. Doctor McLane's celebrated American worm specific or vermifuge.

13. The senator from Alabama

14. Rouss & Macfarlane.

15. Memorial of the Sugar Refiners of the United States

16. The Tunkers in Conference

19. People of the mills

20. Cotton is King and Pro-Slavery Arguments

21. Wood must give way to iron: the Lamborn road machine

22. Gin Compressed Cotton

23. Ho! For Augusta!

25. Neal and Wills, No. 129 Market Street, Baltimore

26. Continental

27. The great centennial exhibition

28. Female seminary commencement day programme

30. Cancionero Filipino.

31. The Mayflower Compact [reproduction]

32. Clark's Implements in Farmers' Tools and Handles.

35. Testimonials about Dr. John William Jones

36. Engraving of a French cardinal.

38. Citizens' Ticket

40. Service listing for Edward Colton

42. Rockingham Military Institute

43. Dr. Taylor's horse powder

44. Catalogue of law books for sale by Cha's F. Fisher, law book agent

45. Antibilious and dyspeptic bitters

46. Spring Street Home

47. Continental

48. Chesterman Patent Automatic Swing!

49. First extra large spring trade sale

50. Roanoke Typewriter Exchange bargain list

51. The Averett farm

53. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

55. Notice! The distilleries and saloons must go!

58. The campaign catechism

61. Announcing the new nerve tonic Elixir Cinchonida, Iron & Strychnia.

62. Harris Teachers College Commencement