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351. "Gee, that's Eatin"

352. "George Washington plant bed fertilizer for tobacco"

356. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er To Florida."

359. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er To Miami."

360. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er To New York.

361. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er To New York."

362. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er To New York."

365. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er."

366. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er."

367. "Get Me On A Pan Am $99er."

368. "Get Me On An Emerald/Pan Am $99er."

370. "Get onto me spread de eagle."

371. "Get onto the Dude."

373. "Give ya a hug for some Clapp's Oatmeal!"

374. "Go By Boat Thru the Panama Canal Come Back By Rail"... Arthur Brisbane

375. "Go with the Pros" Meet the Packers in Person in Madison

376. "Goldwaters [sic] shop for men pronto"

377. "Good Service is our Business."

378. "Good health and pure soap"--the simple formula for a beautiful skin

382. "Good to the last drop"

383. "Goodness!"

384. "Gosh-we just left..."

385. "Got a Date with a Canadian Pacific Vacation"

386. "Graiver group" members cleared

387. "Grand? ... they're magnificent"

388. "Grand? ..they're Magnificent!" Twenty Grand Cigarettes 10 cents

389. "Greyhound's one of the biggest bargains in vacation travel!"

391. "HENPECKING"... That's what my darling accused me of

392. "HOUDINI" JONES and the great "hair" trick

393. "Hand-me-down"

394. "Happy Landings" says: "We Must Include the Ladies on our Postwar Travel Plans!"

395. "Hard to say, but I often have to warn the girls"

396. "Has it really been laundered!"

397. "Hats to go straight this fall," says Lilly Dache

400. "Have a Marlboro!"