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141. "B&H, I like your style."

142. "B&H, I like your style."

143. "BIG"

144. "Babies Supervised by Physicians Are Better Babies"

145. "Baby, It's Warm Inside"

146. "Bad skin is usually Nature punishing you for internal neglect"

147. "Be With You Soon, Pals"

148. "Be not the last to try the new"...a good rule

149. "Be worthy of your past" [name too small to be read], 1910. JACK DANIEL'S

150. "Beautiful lips deserve a beautiful setting"

151. "Belle of Virginia"

152. "Berlin Airlift" in Your Own Home Town!

153. "Best Buick Yet"

154. "Best Buick Yet" Brock 31 Years with Buick

155. "Best Buick Yet" Brock 31 Years with Buick

156. "Best Buick Yet" [rest of headline blocked by building]

157. "Best Cleaner Yet...for a Quick Clean-up From Cellar to Attic"

158. "Best Friend"

159. "Best bet's Buick"

160. "Big Bev" is making Columbus Food History