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251. Menthol Candy (Cough Drops), Coca-Cola (2 advertisements)

252. The world's most popular Christmas Club.

254. Untitled Presentation

255. Untitled presentation

256. Unknown

257. we've moved to a NEW LOCATION

258. The petroleum stop.

259. Chesterfield cigarettes

260. Memphis chosen for 56, 000, 000.oo Navy testing center

262. Untitled Presentation

265. Straight Ahead 1/2 Mile. desert North. 3-4 Bedroom Homes.

266. A family art for 175 years.

268. Untitled

270. fresh from the hands of Hanes still only one dollar

271. Sexy Homes from $11.990. Paradise Plaza. Cave Creek north of Thunderbird Road.

272. Things go better with Coke after Coke after Coke

275. Canada's best to one and all. WINDSOR CANADIAN. $5.25.

277. Untitled Presentation

280. Travel in Comfort to Chicago's World's Fair

281. Unknown

283. Untitled

284. satisfy your beer thirst better! Knickerbocker

285. Free! World Famous Attractions at Steeple Pier

286. The World's Finest Bourbon Since 1975

287. For Genuine Vodka

288. Highland-On-The-Lake Sensibly Restricted Large Building Sites Beautiful Beach

289. Joe Castro [Orchestra]

290. Globe Shopping City Discounts Dickie Slacks

291. Unidentified Slide Presentation

292. Sun City has 5 golf courses. (Atlanta, Ga. has 6) Sun City.

294. Take along Pepsi-Cola in one-way bottles.

295. Ludington's Mar-Jen Coffee

296. Fiddle Free Color TV. RCA. NOW... 2 yr. picture tube warranty

297. Which one is first in circulation? This one.

298. Some habits... You don't have to break!

300. To the #1 Byoss... We'll miss you