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251. Anheuser Busch: Sea World, 1980s-1990s

252. Volkswagen: Volkswagen Passat, 1980s-1990s

253. Anheuser Busch: Budweiser Beer, 1980s-1990s

255. Nabisco: Oreo Cookies, 1980s-1990s

256. United Colors Of Benetton 012 benetton

257. Fiat Motors: Fiat Uno Turbo, 1980s-1990s

258. Mars: Whiskas Supreme Cat Food, 1980s-1990s

261. Le point : Maurice Bishop au pays du roi Christophe ; Le point : Sur l'après-référendum constitutionnel ; Le point : Un nouveau 28 novembre est-il possible ?

262. Forum Démocratique: Jounen entènasyonal fanm yo (3); Forum Démocratique: Aprè manifestasyon 7 novanm 1986 (2)

263. Letter to Newspapers: Kate and Julia

264. [Verbal Self Defense]

265. "Language and Women's Oppression"

266. My Life, A Cartesian Model

267. Lesbian Language

268. Feminist Crossword Puzzle Book

269. Kongrè mouvman demokratik

270. Edikasyon ak politik lang kreyòl la

271. Designed to manage the wind. And also let you enjoy it. Ford Mustang LX convertible.

272. The Ford Ranger that won the off-road championship. Three years running.

273. Ford Escort EXP.

274. Vision. And why it pays off so handsomely. Ford Taurus.

275. Ford Escort offers more features for about the same price as these imports.

276. The Ford Ranger that won the off-road championship. Three years running.

277. Waiting is the hardest part. Ford Thunderbird Sport.

278. Proof that fun can be a serious design objective.

279. Car and Driver's "Ten best" includes two of our best.

280. Designed purely for pleasure. Ford Escort GT, Ford Escort EXP.

281. Ford Taurus. Class of its class.

282. This is an award-winning ad.

283. Expose_ on a new form of two-seat excitement.

284. Vision.

285. Top of the best-selling list, four years running. Ford Escort.

286. Launching remarkably successful new cars isn't easy.

287. SVO interior. Engineered for driver control and occupant comfort.

288. Slip into something comfortable. The 1987 Ford Bronco II is here.

290. This is an award-winning ad.

291. Ford Escort Wagon. It offers you more features for less money than these imports.

292. Imaginative engineering shouldn't be left to the imagination. Ford Taurus.

293. Getting there can be more than half the fun. Ford Escort GT.

294. Ford wins the battle of the V-8's!

296. Ford Mustang SVO.

297. The road captures your imagination. Thunderbird sets it free.

298. And what it brought us. New Ford Thunderbird.

299. Then again, no one else builds cars like these.

300. Ford's new design philosophy: to answer your needs by listening to what you want. Ford Taurus.