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12401. Take Notice!

12403. The Advancement of Women

12404. The Common Sense Family Sewing Machine

12405. The New Price List of Woolen Horse Blankets...

12406. The fisherman and his child

12407. Valuable Property !

12408. Wake up Gabriel

12409. West Indies Travel diary, 1885 Feb. 2-Apr. 10

12410. Why the WCTU seeks the ballot

12411. Valuable land on the suburbs of Suffolk for sale!

12412. Smith, Ellet & Co. Commission Merchants

12413. Louisiana state lottery official drawing

12414. Investigate for yourselves, La.S.L., Louisiana State Lottery Company

12415. Dalgetty!

12416. The journal of the Christian Brotherhood, vol. 1, no. 6.

12417. Kirksville Mercantile College, Mrs. W. J. Smith's Writing Institute

12418. Sale of valuable land!

12419. $1,000 reward!!! Forgery!!

12420. $50 reward! Stolen gold hunting timer

12421. Take me to the horse races!

12422. Sample S. Brown, dry goods

12423. Rules and regulations.

12424. Attention Sherman Brigade

12425. Notice of estate sale of Dr. George W. Ross

12426. Barbour's Cross-Roads farm for sale!

12428. The Nathaniel P. Phillips mill property for sale!

12429. Circular no. 296 Treasury Department, Office of Internal Revenue

12431. Tax Notice

12432. Grand opera house programme

12433. Grand Opera House Programme

12434. Virginia Republican state ticket.

12435. Valuable land on White Marsh Road for sale!

12436. This is to certify

12437. Statement reprinted from the Report of the State Auditor

12438. Stolen mule

12439. $50 reward

12440. Sale of land in Isle of Wight County.

12442. The Germania Building and Loan Association

12443. Lady Cecilia Feilding diary, 1885 Dec. 3 - 1886 May 3

12444. Grant's interview with Pemberton, Vicksburg.

12445. Morgan's Great Raid.

12446. A Dangerous Precedent

12448. Acorn with unidentified woman

12449. Don't move; just keep your mouth open.

12450. Girl in hammock