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4961. Lancers Beer For Sheer Pleasure

4962. Lancers Beer For Sheer Pleasure

4963. Lanser's...biggest beer bargain anywhere

4964. Largest Engine And Transmission Specialist In Phoenix

4965. Las Vegas Riviera Hotel

4966. Las Vegas Riviera Hotel

4967. Lawyers Title has a new name!

4968. Le Casa del Trato Creible!

4969. Lecce

4970. Leet County, GA mass meetings excerpts, no date, 1960s

4971. Left at Southern. Hallcraft Homes. Tempe Gardens.

4972. Left at Southern. Tempe Gardens. Hallcraft Homes.

4973. Lemon & lime teamed up just right!

4974. Let's Grow Together

4975. Let's go to clear n' sunny Yuma Arizona

4976. Let's go to clear n' sunny Yuma, Arizona

4978. Libby's tomato juice, Ketchup (2 advertisements)

4979. Lifetime shock absorbers that adjust to the way you drive.

4980. Lift tab