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2701. Chinese diagnostic doll, 19th century?

2702. Collection of syringes, 19th century

2703. Cupping set, 19th century

2704. Delaware State Lotteries

2705. Dissection set, 19th century

2706. Donne di Firenze.

2707. Double-ended medicine spoon, 19th century

2708. F. W. Becker "The Kodak Man"

2709. Folding Pocket Kodaks

2710. Free Dark Rooms at the World's Fair.

2711. General purpose medical and surgical kit, 19th century

2712. Glass baby bottles, 19th century

2713. Hawk-Eye

2714. Homeopathic medicine bag, 19th century

2715. Hot water bottle, 19th century

2716. If it isn't an Eastman, it isn't a Kodak. 2 & 6 Exposure Kodak Cartridges.

2717. If you ask at the store for a Kodak...

2718. Invalid feeder, 19th century

2719. Journal of the V Corps, U. S. Army, 1864-1865 : various place in Virginia.

2720. Kollock, George Jones, 1800s