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181. "Black & White" Scotch.

182. P&G: Charmin Bath Tissue, 1970s

183. Post: Grape-Nuts Cereal, 1970s

184. Texaco Service Stations, 1970s

185. Continental Airlines, 1970s

186. P&G: Crest Toothpaste, 1970s

187. Birds Eye: Orange Plus, 1970s

188. Hardee's Rise and Shine Biscuits, 1970s

189. Birds Eye: Orange Plus, 1970s

190. P&G: Scope Mouthwash, 1970s

191. Hasbro: Charlie's Angels, 1970s

192. Mattel: '71 Superfast, 1970s

193. P&G: Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, 1970s

194. Presenting Sterling Like No Other.

195. P&G: Complete, 1970s

196. Big Lift Ship it Santa Fe

197. Continental Airlines, 1970s

198. General Foods: Gaines-Burgers, 1970s

199. Feel Sure with the Front-Runner!

200. Authentic. Dewar's "White Label." the Scotch that never varies!