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1. "Esther" given by the Handel and Haydn Society, at King Street Hall

2. "Pilot": Ammoniated guano, special for tobacco

3. $ 6.00 and $ 10.00 Kodaks.

4. $200 Reward for Stolen Bay Horse

5. $50 Reward!

6. $50 reward

8. 11 pairs of spectacles and eyeglasses

9. 1867-1938

10. 1869-1876

13. 1876-1878

14. 1877-1878

16. A Card to the Voters of the Eastern Ward, 1874

17. A Choice collection of books for sale.

18. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Newest, Most Useful and Best Selling Articles of the Day

19. A Grand Gift Concert!

20. A Happy New Year

22. A Very Important Invention! The Downer Mineral Sperm Oil & Lamps.

23. A call! Everybody interested to attend!

24. A card to the people.

25. A card.

26. A desirable lot & dwelling house on Franklin Street, Suffolk, Va. for sale!

27. A desirable tract of wood land

28. A grand gift concert to benefit the Juvenile Reform School

29. A knot of blue and gray

30. A large and well assorted stock of surgical instruments

31. A large lot and an old business stand for sale.

32. A los hacendados y demás personas interesadas en las industrias de Guatemala.

34. A pledge to be redeemed.

35. A proclamation by the governor of North Carolina

36. A valuable lot on Kilby Street, in Suffolk, for sale!

37. A voice in my heart, love, is calling for you

38. A. J. Bolling ledger

39. A. Jackson Cochran papers

40. A. V. Burns letter to James William Denver

41. Abbott and Company records

42. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

43. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

44. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

45. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

46. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

47. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

48. Academy of Music. The Lingard Burlesque Co.

49. Acker, Merrall & Condit.

50. Ad for O'Connor's Saloon, Address to Colored Voters

51. Address by the United States Centennial Commission

52. Address of A. J. Marshall.

53. Address of Col. S.M. Meek at the Burns Anniversary Celebration

54. Address of Geo. C. Round.

55. Address of Honorable John Poole

57. Address of the retiring regent, Miss A.P. Cunningham

59. Administrator's Sale

60. Administrator's sale of personal property.

61. Ads for Baugh & Sons' raw bone fertilizer

62. Advertisement for J. W. Woltering & Co.

63. Advertisement for Miller's Safe & Iron Works

64. Advertisements for iron screw, cotton press, cotton tie

65. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 01

66. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 02

67. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 03

68. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 04

69. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 05

70. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 06

71. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 07

72. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 08

73. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 09

74. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 10

75. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 11

76. Advertisements, circa 1870s-1880s, item 12

77. Agent's letter and contract form for Wagner's Sun-Light Oil

78. Agent's letter, contract and agreement for agency on salary

80. Albert I. Butner papers

81. Alberta Aulick papers

82. Alexander Brown papers

83. Alexander family papers

84. Alfred Holt Colquitt papers

85. Alice Cary papers

86. All we ask is an attentive perusal

88. Allerton

89. Amelia Ball Coppuck Welby papers

90. Amendments in the savings banking law : how to stop frauds!

91. American School Institute

92. American Woman's Travel diary, 1878

93. American Writers Papers, 1814-1902

94. Amos family letters

95. An Act to Incorporate the N.C. Industrial Association, 1879 March 14

96. An Ordinance to regulate licenses for 1873.

97. An entertainment for the benefit of the Confederate Soldiers' Home Chapel.

98. Analysis of the public debt of the United States