Village Potential Statistics (PODES) Dataset — Indonesia

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Village Potential Statistics (PODES) Dataset — Indonesia

The Village Potential Statistics (PODES) dataset provides information about village/desa characteristics for all of Indonesia, with a sample of +/- 65,000. It is surveyed in the context of the periodic censuses (Agriculture, Economy, Population). It has useful information on village characteristics, including the main sources of income.

Central Bureau of Statistics has collected village-level data since 1980. PODES activity has always been conducted in-line with the implementations of the Population Census, Agriculture Census and Economic Census.

The PODES survey covers all villages within the Indonesian archipelago. As a part of Agriculture Census 2003, village-level data was collected completely in August 2002. The scope of the survey is entire villages in Indonesia including Transmigration Resettlement Unit (UPT) and Remote Ethnic Resettlement (PMT). Total villages covered were 68,816.

The questionnaire used basically can be divided into two parts: core data, which is collected in every census, and module data that is collected only in the implementation of agriculture census.