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401. [BS-2019-0213-06] Devils en Pointe SOFC Request.xlsx

402. Annual Budget 2018-2019.pptx

403. [BS-2019-0227-03] Duke East Asia Nexus 322-24.xlsx

404. [BS-2019-0226-10] DSGRU Survey Incentives.docx

405. [BS-2019-0403-02] DUSDAC_4_19.xlsx

406. [C-2019-0227-07] SLG Reform Caucus.docx

407. [BS-2019-0213-05] Only the Vision of God Can Make Someone Happy.docx

408. [C-2019-0227-09] International Students_ Caucus.docx

409. [C-2019-0227-06] Latinx Caucus.docx

410. [R-2019-0123-07] DASA.pdf

411. [BS-2019-0227-01] CEF Summit On Homelessness and Poverty Budget.xlsx

412. [BS-2019-0306-01] ASA04.20(1).xlsx

413. [BS-2019-0306-01] ASA04.20.xlsx

414. [BS-2019-0116-04] DST Fund Form.xlsx

415. [BS-2019-0123-01] DCC01.31.xlsx

416. [BS-2019-0320-03] Duke Chinese Theater To Live.docx

417. [BS-2019-0123-04] Sabrosura 04.19.xlsx

418. [BS-2019-0327-02] DSG Earth Week Keynote Speaker_ Majora Carter.docx

419. [BS-2019-0327-03] Momentum Dance Company_s 9th Annual Showcase.docx

420. [BS-2019-0327-05] Street Medicine Presents_ SPARK.docx

421. [C-2019-0227-08] Asian-American Caucus.docx

422. [BS-2019-0410-01] DukeMSA_April15 (1).xlsx

423. [BS-2019-0410-02] DUSDAC Food Truck Rodeo.docx

424. [BS-2019-0123-03] Neurocare Demetrius Harmon Comes to Duke.docx

425. [BS-2019-0306-03] Program-II-Majors-Union-04.05.xlsx

426. [HR-2019-0320-07] House Rules, Laptop Amendment.docx

427. [R-2019-0320-05] Diavoli_Blu_Constitution.pdf

428. [BS-2019-0410-02] DUSDAC_4_19 (1).xlsx

429. [BS-2019-0306-01] ASA AAPIHM_ The Blasian Project.docx

430. [R-2019-0213-10] DUCC -Chartered .pdf

431. [AGENDA] 2019-04-10, Meeting #25.docx

432. [BS-2019-0306-02] Duke Diya 03.23.xlsx

433. [AGENDA] 2019-03-19, Meeting #21.docx

434. [BS-2019-0116-03] ASA02.08.xlsx

435. [SP] ITAC Undergrad Survey 2018-2019.pptx

436. [BS-2019-0306-02] Duke Diya Semiformal.docx

437. [R-2019-0306-07] Duke_Sleight_Club_Club_Consitution.pdf

438. [R-2019-0306-06] Harmonies_for_Health_Constitution.pdf

439. [BS-2019-0130-01] All of the Above.docx

440. [BS-2019-0306-03] Program II Majors_ Union The Land of Open Graves.docx

441. [BS-2019-0123-01] Duke Catholic Center Power Reaches Perfection in Weakness.docx

442. [R-2019-0130-04] DukeGaming_Constitution.pdf

443. [BS-2019-0403-01] HackDuke Ideate 04.06 Programming Request.xlsx

444. 2019-2020 Chief Justice

445. [BS-2019-0403-03] Statute to Provisionally Forgive the DIRA Debt.docx

446. [S-2019-0306-08] Temporary Regulation of Constitutional Amendment Referenda.docx

447. [BS-2019-0123-05] Singapore-Students-Association-02.11.xlsx

448. [AGENDA] 2019-01-30, Meeting #17.docx

449. [R-2019-0327-07] DCO_Constitution.pdf

450. [R-2019-0116-01] Duke MMA.pdf